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We offer a variety of technology services focused around business to business applications.


Most of our work centers around software engineering, cloud computing, blockchain and cryptography, machine learning and data science, product management and enterprise systems.


If you are working on a technology project related to one of the below areas please contact us to schedule an initial consultation so we can discuss your technology needs.

Service Offerings

Software Engineering

We help companies build out backend engineering systems and augment their software engineering teams. We have experience working in a range of technologies including Java, Python, Golang, C++, Ruby on Rails, Typescript among others.

Cloud Computing

We can help with setting up and managing cloud computing accounts, VPCs, infrastructure and CI/CD deployment pipelines. We also work with container orchestration and microservices architectures. We have experience with AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, EKS, S3, EC2 and various other Amazon Web Services technologies.


Blockchain and Cryptography

We have experience building blockchain platforms, integrations and setting up and deploying existing blockchain frameworks. We have experience working with Ethereum, Bitcoin, various Hyperledger frameworks, Quorum, Tendermint, Plasma, Solidity smart contracts as well as cryptographic frameworks such as OpenSSL

Machine Learning and Data Science

Many organizations have collected large data sets and are interested in performing analyses to gain business insights, analytics and enhance the user experience. We can build custom recommendation engines, classification and clustering systems as well as neural networks and deep learning engines. We have experience working with TensorFlow, Keras, SciKit, Python, Spark and other machine learning and data science tools.


Product Management

We help companies build out product roadmaps, plan timelines, solicit and synthesize customer feedback, as well as help companies explain their technological advantages to their clients and prospects in clear business terms. We also help companies out on the business development side and act as the "translation layer" between customers, business development and sales, and  technology focused engineering teams. We often use the Atlassian suite (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket) to help companies organize and plan their product roadmaps.

Enterprise Systems

Over time as companies become more established, their technology systems can become increasing complex, monolithic and difficult to maintain. We help clients refactor these complex systems, build functional and performance test frameworks to increase system stability, and document APIs and system functionality. We also help with migrating legacy systems to onto the cloud.

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