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Software engineerING Services

Python | Golang | Java | C++ | Typescript | Ruby

Software engineering
| Backend | Frontend | Full stack

We provide software engineers to companies.

We provide companies with the flexibility to scale up and scale down their engineering teams as needed in a cost effective manner.

We have onshore, nearshore and offshore engineering resources available.

Previous clients include: a blockchain data analytics company, a green energy company, a digital assets platform.






We provide vetted engineering resources at competitive rates. We also have access to resources in related fields (QA, DevOps, UX/UI design) that we leverage on projects on an as needed basis.

If you are interested in discussing your technology project please contact us using the form below to set up a conversation. 





Ruby on Rails


US based resources

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Technical subject matter expertise

We have experience in a wide range of technologies and projects. These include blockchain, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and more.

Product management and business development

We help companies identify new use cases where they can apply their existing technology products. We help organizations build product roadmaps, synthesize customer feedback, and translate technological advantages into clear business use cases.

Software engineering staff augmentation

We help clients augment their software engineering teams with additional resources to accelerate product development and roadmap execution.

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